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And how you can add this “Medical Gold Rush” revenue stream to your existing practice - OR build a brand new business around it - before the rest of the medical community catches on...
Hi, I’m Jason Duprat, a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) with over 10 years in the medical field - including 7 years in the Navy Reserves Nurse Corps.
If you’re a CRNA, Physician, or Nurse Practitioner, then there’s probably been a time in your life when you’ve wondered if all the years of study, the student loans, and the long hours were worth it.
And that’s frustrating, because you’ve spent over a decade going above and beyond just to get to this point. Getting the education. Putting in the time. Working crazy hours because there’s no other way.
Yet, According to Health eCareer's 2017 Healthcare Recruiting Trends Report, only 14% of medical professionals report being “very satisfied” with their income.
That’s why I want to share with you a discovery I made that completely transformed my medical practice and the practices of over Hudreds of my students all across the world...
...from the exhausting daily grind to the highly lucrative and deeply gratifying career I’d always imagined having. 
I'm Talking About:
  •  Patients that come for 6 infusions for their initial treatment and then monthly or quarterly for boosters
  •  Patients that happily pay me up to $700 per infusion… or $4,200 in the first month 
  •  All for a service they desperately need, want, and can’t get almost anywhere else
And as a result of THAT, I’ve been able to:
  •  Cut down on shift work, overtime, being on call etc
  •  Take days (or weeks) off whenever I want to
  •  Go from employee to business owner and double my salary
How is all this possible?
I’m talking, of course, about ketamine infusions.
You’ve probably heard of them before, after all - ketamine was featured on the cover of TIME as a “surprising new drug” in the treatment of depression.
What you may not have realized is how easy and lucrative it is to add ketamine infusions to your existing practice...or to start a whole new practice around it.
Why ketamine? Well...for one, the demand is exploding faster than ketamine clinics can keep up, with a market of 100 million people with treatment-resistant depression comprising just 1 segment of it.
Why else? How about the fact that it’s extremely affordable for clinics to administer, but commands prices of $500…$700...even $1900 or more for a single infusion.
That’s $182,400 per year... 
Not bad, right? I mean...just imagine an extra $182,400 in your bank account at the end of the year, just because you were able to help 1 more person every day.
And that’s just from ONE infusion every work day. You can see how quickly this adds up just by finding a few more patients...
Speaking of need, the great thing about ketamine is that it can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, including:
  •  Treatment-resistant depression
  •  PTSD
  •  Bipolar 
  •  OCD
  •  Anxiety
  •  Fibromyalgia & Pain Syndromes

So what does it all mean?
Not many people have caught on yet, but what we’re experiencing here is the medical goldrush of the decade. Already, new ketamine clinics are popping up out of nowhere and and amassing small fortunes within months of opening.
I know...because I’ve done it myself. And I’ve helped over 300 others do the same....
How I Went From Employee to business owner
I founded my own ketamine infusion clinic in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2015 while still working as a nurse at the univeristy hospital.
After that, my colleagues (and even people I didn't know from all over the world) began to notice my success and ask me how I did it.

So I showed them. 
Today, I’ve helped Hundreds of students all over the world open their own lucrative practices or add ketamine infusions to their existing practice.
Now is where you come in...
After the umteenth person asked me “how’d you do it?” I decided to put all of this knowledge into an online training program I call the Ketamine Academy.
The academy gives you a specific blueprint for opening your own ketamine clinic capable of generating $1,800 to $4,200 per patient in their first month of treatment.
So whether you’re looking to get out of your day job by starting your own practice or add a new stream of income from the practice you have, the Ketamine Academy has your roadmap.
“What does it take to add ketamine infusions to your practice...or to set up a new ketamine clinic from scratch?”
Not as much as you’d think.
It might surprise you, but here’s a few the things you DON’T need to start your own ketamine clinic:
  •  You DON’T need any prior business experience
  •  You DON’T need to have your own practice yet
  •  You DON’T need tens of thousands of dollars to start
  • Your existing business (or job) is the perfect launching pad
All you need to do is follow the proven steps I’ve laid out for you inside the program.
Why Have 350+ Students Already Had Success With The Ketamine Academy?
The Ketamine Infusion Therapy Program is a comprehensive training program that combines theory with lessons from clinical experience. We’ve done absolutely everything imaginable to ensure your success.
In other words, we’ll show you how to administer the treatments AND build the business. Nothing’s left to chance.
Here’s how we’ve done it:
First, you will acquire the knowledge and skill necessary to provide this safe and highly effective therapy with our 7-Module video training course.
Then you’ll learn step-by-step how to start and grow your ketamine infusion clinic so you have a predictable flow of patients coming through the door every week.
When opening Our own clinic we saw an 80% growth month over month almost immediately - and we’ll show you exactly how we’ve done it so you can model our success.
What Will You Receive When You Enroll?
Comprehensive Video Training
Get 120 days of access to the online course with approximately 10 hours of deep dive training videos.
Module 1
In this module you will learn...
 Overcoming your fears and Limiting Beliefs
 Turning Your Dream Into A Vision
 Goal Setting
 How To Over Come Fear
 How Incredibly Successful People Think
 Goals Quiz
Module 2
In this module you will learn...
 Ketamine Academy Course Introduction Video
 Ketamine For Depression and Chronic Pain Overview
 Ketamine and Mental Health - A Novel Discovery
 How Incredibly Successful People Think
 Ketamine Quiz
Module 3
In this module you will learn...
The General History of Ketamine
 Chemical Structure
 Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics
 Clinical Considerations For Ketamine Administration
Module 4
In this module you will learn...
 A review of several ketamine studies
 Central Sensitization and Neurosplasticity
 A Systematic Review of Ketamine for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
 Ketamine for Chronic Pain - Risks and benefits
 Ketamine Infusions for Treatment-Refractory Headache
 Ketamine as a Fast Acting Antidepressant - Current Knowledge
 Treatment of suicidal depression with ketamine in rapid cycling bipolar
Module 5
In this module you will learn...
 Depression and bipolar disorder in the DSM_V
 Diagnosing depression Mental health
Module 6
In this module you will learn...
 Strategies To Overcome Scope of Practice Limitations In Your State 
 CNP Independent Practice Map
 AANP Nurse Practitioner Independent Practice Map
Module 7
In this module you will learn...
 Conducting a Market Analysis
 The Basics of Insurance
 Commercial Umbrella Policy
 Trademarking Your Business
 Understanding Commercial Leases
Marketing & Much More
Video Lessons
Hours Of Content
Powerful Modules
Video Training  - $2,999 Value
Video Training   $2,999 Value
Ketamine Review Article
$200 Value
A Full-text ketamine article review to enhance your learning. 
NOTE: This is a critical document for learning the exact science behind mapping our your success strategy and to helping put you on the map.
Materials for Clinic
$1499 Value
Templates for all the clinic paperwork, protocols and consent templates you will need to start your practice (downloadable at enrollment day 4)
Mastermind Group
$200 Value
Lifetime access to closed Facebook group for future learning and discussions
1 on 1 Coaching
$200 Value
2 hours of personalized coaching and mentorship as you start your business
9AANA Approved Class A CE Credits
$1499 Value
This program has been prior approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists for 9.00 Class A CE credits; Code Number 1035923; Expiration Date 2/14/2021.
 Template for Running Your Own Clinic Ads
$1249 Value
The exact strategy and templates I used to get people interested before my clinic even opened its doors.
So here’s the thing..
This program is designed specifically to help you get your ketamine clinic up and running and having patients worth $1,800… $3,000… $4,200 and more coming through your door like clockwork, week after week.

It’s transformed my practice, and I believe it’ll transform yours as well.

Don't Just Take My Word For It
My Students Are Killing It!
Just imagine what your practice would look like 1 year from now if you started adding just one $500-700 infusion per week.
Imagine the extra revenue made...and the decreased pressure and stress you’d feel...of having just 1 ketamine infusion per day.
Imagine what your practice would look like having a constant stream of ketamine infusions from the moment your doors open in the morning to the time you close them in the evening.
How would your practice change?
How would your finances change?
How would your LIFE change?
That’s the transformation I want to share with you inside the Ketamine Academy, just as I’ve shared it with hundreds of other medical professionals like you.
But Jason, how much does it cost?
Well, when you consider that having a single patient complete their entire treatment cycle is worth $6,300, I figured this program is easily worth ten times that amount.
So for you, instead of $8,593 you can enroll in the Ketamine Academy today for just $2499.
100% Money Back Guarantee! You’ll Love It...Or You Don’t Pay!

I get it. Starting a new project like this can be an intimidating thing. So I’ve decided to take all the risk on MY shoulders for you. 
Come on into the academy and try things out - on me. For the next 72 hours (3 days), peruse the lessons, try out the materials, see how you like things.
If for any reason (or no reason) you are not satisfied with your purchase or simply don’t feel it’s the right fit - no worries. Let me know and I’ll promptly refund your money.
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Ready to Pull the trigger today?
If you want to invest in yourself but don't have the funds to get started with the full amount, then we will help you. We can split up the payments for you so you can get started with this course today!
 3 Payments of $999
Get All Of Our Current And Future Courses Through 2018 For 1 Low Price!
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$10,000 $3,500
So look...right now you really have two choices...
You can keep doing what you’re doing. Working hard, long days. Getting paid less than you know your expertise is worth.
Or you can take the plunge into the lucrative world of ketamine infusions and transform your practice the way hundreds have before you.
The shift is happening either way. This trend will continue to grow no matter what you do.
That’s why I hope you’ll choose to join us inside the Ketamine Academy. After all, it’s completely risk free for you...and it might very well change your career and your life.
So click the button to join now, and I’ll see you on the inside.
Just think…
If ALL this course did was bring you 1 ketamine infusion patient per MONTH, would it be worth it?

If ALL this course did was decrease your reliance on your day job, would it be worth it?

If ALL this course did was help you normalize your work schedule so you had more time for living, would it be worth it?

If ALL this course did was increase the revenue you made from your existing patients, would it be worth it?

If so, then you owe it to yourself to give the academy a shot. Remember: You’re 100% protected by our money back guarantee. 
The only thing you risk is wondering “why didn’t I do this sooner?”
- Jason Duprat
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